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About Us

Elmer and Anna Hill, Founders

The Founders

In 2013, shortly after moving to Nolensville, TN, we were devastated to learn that Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer. As word spread about Anna’s diagnosis, we started receiving an outpouring of assistance from friends, family, neighbors and strangers. We were overwhelmed at all of the generosity we received. With the outpouring of assistance, we wanted to figure out a way to pay it forward.

Art From the Heart began with a Facebook post of a painting of a cardinal. Besides being Elmer’s favorite bird, in myth and traditions, cardinals mean good health, happy relationships, monogamy, and protection. The painting of this cardinal sparked the idea of having an event where artists could provide their original pieces for a silent auction. The money raised from this event could help others dealing with this terrible disease. With the creation of Art From the Heart, we have been able to assist others with meals, house cleaning and lawn care. We feel that by assisting those in a similar situation, we could allow them to focus on their fight. Our “Art From the Heart” event has continued to grow through the support and generosity of donors, artists and community.

The Board






  Past Chair

Luke Bottorff


Jeff Rae


Anna Hill

Other Board Members:

    Terry Adams                    

    Andrew Jennings

    Todd Saal

    Debra Rae

    Debbie Earnest

    Ann Landon

  Susan Thomas

  Susan Shakeshaft

  Frank Geiger

  Elmer Hill

  Nona Clark

  Toni Crosby

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